Hello Chuachenetics & Julienatics

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Biyernes, Marso 9, 2012


I don't smoke ; I used to drink...but not anymore.. ;)
♥ I don't wear lipstick/lipgloss..i hate the sticky feeling 
♥ Late Sleeper
♥ Food Junkie
♥ I love to shop even when I only got my last cash
♥ Can't cook but willing to learn
♥ Coke Light Addict
♥ A bit BrAnD CoNsCiOuS in terms of clothing & bags
♥ Easily pleased
♥ MuSiC keeps me going
♥ I love StArBuCkS' Mocha Frapp..w/ extra whipped cream huh!

♥ I am ClUmSy sometimes
♥ PhYsIcAlLy cOnScIoUs but not anorexic
♥ Im not gonna feed u some bullcrap so u can like me
♥ StUbBoRn and somewhat NaRrOw-mInDeD
♥ i can be HypEr one moment and totally out of mood the next.
♥ Great Friend
♥ I'm not choosy with friends, just be yourself and that would be more than enough. No need to impress me with all those lies just to get close to me because i appreciate every little thing about everyone.
♥ i love to hang around with people i'm comfortable with.
♥ I value ones inner personality than their cover

♥ Im a PeAcEfUl pErSoN, not really into fights but don't push me to my limit
♥ I can be a ToTaL BiTcH to people who piss me off! but then i have a soft spot that resides within me
♥ I might not show you i care..or tell you everything i feel. but dont be fooled by the moods i wear..coz deep inside i really care. :)
♥ I don't like talkin' bout other people. You only become my business when you're my FrIEnd. :)) 
♥ If you're the type of LoOsEr who finds happiness in bringing others down, hmmmm..sad. :(( poor you. seriously!

♥ i'd lyk to think i'm quite brave..for several reasons:
1st, I'm very much willing to make tough decisions. 
2nd, I stand for myself and my beliefs. 
3rd, I won't compromise what's in my heart. 
4th, I won't allow anyone to step on me 
Lastly, I stand up for those I love

♥"NOT PERFECT but just the way I WANT IT.."

---yah.. that's me! NO MORE. NO LESS.♥